A Sabbath’s Rest

A Sabbath’s Rest
April 17, 2019
In just one month a Sabbatical Journey will begin.  What is sabbath?  Why take a Sabbatical?  What does it mean for us?  I understand these and more questions might be flurrying around you head.   Me too!  What is Sabbatical mean?  Well, to understand Sabbatical we mus first truly understand what Sabbath means.
We have all too often lost what Sabbath means.  I find myself more Sundays than not in church meetings doing the business of the church at hand.  It is good work, but nonetheless it is work.  And really, when I am not doing meetings I am running around frantically trying to get last minute homework done, birthday parties to go to, grocery shopping, house cleaning, I mean let’s be honest the I wish my list actually had an end.
So what is Sabbath?  A lost art of taking rest and finding renewal?  Has it just gone by the wayside to be forgotten forever?  Well here is the start of my journey, to find Sabbath again.  To seek rest.  To worship again.  And to find community, in my family and in you.  I hope you will journey with me.  I hope you will dare to find the moments, hours or days of Sabbath in your own life.  Stop.  Dare to buck the norms of the busy person or parent or whatever it is and be still, come and journey with me.
Rev. Heather