Almost Everything

Do you ever just feel like you have almost everything together?  Almost everything you need to function?  Almost everything to cook dinner tonight for the family?   The second book club book for sabbatical reading is almost everything.  I am excited to take a look on changing the perspective on how we look at ‘almost everything.’  Finding the life and wisdom and good in what we have and what we do and how we are doing. 
I mean let’s not be wrong.  I almost never feel like I have all my life together?  There is always something, something at the edge of the plate about to fall off.  And some days, some days it falls right off.  It shatters, or at least the fa├žade of what I have been holding up shatters and goes all over the place.  It is amazing how good a job we do at not telling ourselves that we are good enough, that we have done good enough, that it is all okay.
I hope as you read and join with us over this sabbatical time you finds the ways to affirm what you are doing.  Because we are each enough.  We are each good enough.  We are all doing well, even in what we consider our failures.  So come with me, lets find the hope, the joy, the life…in almost everything!
Rev. Heather