Book CLub

Join me this summer for a little book club.  Although I will be away, you can check back here and see all that is happening!  The first book (which can be ordered through the church office), that we will be reading in the Sabbatical Book Club is Uncluttered.
A large part of Sabbatical time for me will be finding the time to take the busyness of life out of life.  I am noticing that we are just always going.  There is always just another place to be, another thing to do.   We find ourselves, as a family and individuals, tired and stressed and overwhelmed.  And why?  Why do we continue to do this to ourselves.  With all the bust that we do our life and house has just become CLUTTERED! 
Join me as we read this book in an effort to unclutter all the we have added to life and see what is really important.
Rev. Heather