spirit Space JR

Welcome to FCC Katy, where all are welcome! We hope that you feel the open arms of God’s Grace in this Holy place. 

 Spirit Space

Everyone is invited be part of our Spirit Space during Worship.  In the back of the Sanctuary you will find an alcove with all sorts of activities and additions to worship.  There are lap trays and students are encouraged to go to spirit space following the Children’s Moment, gather their tools and return to their seats.  


 Spirit Spacejr

 You will also find space four our kids 5 and under in the front of the Sanctuary.  This is for children who want to be part of worship and learn about all the things we do.  We invite parents to sit on the front pew while their children explore this worship space. We invite and encourage activity and quiet noise.  We do ask that parents assist kids in staying within the space and cleaning up after the service.  We encourage kids to be kids and find their place in worship.  We are continually searching for meaningful ways that children may express their worshipful Spirit.