Life Uncluttered

You may be joining us for a little Sabbatical Reading.  We are starting with the book Uncluttered by Courtney Ellis.  There are still a couple copies in the church lobby if you want to pick one up!  Here is the reading schedule!
June 15       Chapters 1-6
June 22       Chapters 7-11
June 30       Chapters 12- 14
I hope that you will join us.  This book has already been an incredible start to the Sabbatical Journey.  It took a couple crazy weeks of things falling apart to really get going, but then that’s why we take sabbaticals anyway.  Right?
For 17 years I have been called to various places in ordained ministry.  It is something I love more than almost anything.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  But that doesn’t mean life is always perfect.  That doesn’t mean work is always perfect.  Far from it probably.  Sabbatical is a time to intentionally stop and reflect.  On life.  On the church.  On calling.  On God.  
So here I am a couple weeks into sabbatical, finding rest and retreating. Finally! We will talk more on sabbath and retreat in the book discussion, but I had forgotten, oh how I had forgotten how important retreating is.  It took getting here to remind me of that.  I was reading about the hesitancy to use the word retreat by current Christians.  There is something funny about the word.  A military unit retreats when it can fight no longer.  When they need rest.  When the wounded need to heal.  An army retreats when they withdraw from enemy forces as a result of defeat.  I get it when it is said like that retreat sounds like you have lost.
But in all honesty that is exactly what I have done.  I have retreated, and in all honesty I should have done it sooner or more often.  And really it is just that kind of retreat.  It is a retreat from the enemy of time or saying yes of the pressures of being a mom or  a great pastor.  Three days into the seven a see it a little more clearly.  It is me, waiving a white flag saying wait, stop, I retreat. I have lost, at least this battle.  I have said yes one too many times.  I have forgotten to take rest in moments I needed to.  Life has become to crazy, too cluttered.   I need to mend my wounded places.  I need to regroup.  I need to heal.  I need to look at the bigger picture again.  I need a little Sabbath.
But the problem is we live in a world or a society that has some how told us the retreating is a sign of defeat or weakness.  It isn’t.  And so it is time to stand up to all the things that get dumped on our plates.  To say wait, I need a minute.  When did we get out of the habit of retreating or taking Sabbath?  What happened?   Here I sit, next to the bay waters rushing in living into retreat.  Stillness.  Quiet.  And I say it has been to long, and not just for me I suspect.
I hope you will join me on this Sabbath’s Journey and take a little time to retreat yourself.  To read.  To study Scripture.  To renew.  To mend.  To be healed.
Rev. Heather